Jun 17, 2009

Kingston DataTraveler 200, The World’s first 128GB USB Flash Drive

Kingston Data Traveler 200, The World’s first 128GB USB Flash drive has been launched by Kingston. If you need to carry a lot of data, then Kingston DataTraveler 200 might be ideal for you.

Unfortunately The 128 GB Kingston Data Traveler 200 is only available by special order, and

it is going to set you back a massive $546. However, you still have the opportunity to have a Kingston Data Traveler 200 with 32 GB and 64 GB capacities. The 32GB can be had for $120 while the 64GB retails for $213. As an addition, the DT200 line comes with a five-year warranty and includes Password Traveler security software for Windows.

crunchgear via geeky-gadgets


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