Jun 18, 2009

ioSafe Solo - External Hard Drive with Fireproof Waterproof Data Protection

Looking for a hard drive which brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford? Then why not to try ioSafe Solo external hard drive?. With capacities from 500GB to 1.5TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely protect all data stored therein. You can safely protect precious family photo albums, music libraries and days of video memories. For business, the ioSafe Solo is a great way to protect customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card

information. Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite. Like other ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo uses ioSafe patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fireproof insulation.

ioSafe Solo offers more value and the best data protection for the money. ioSafe USB storage device is ideal for personal, SOHO (small office home office) or remote and branch office data backup. ioSafe Solo Primarily used to assist your primary hard drive or storage server, the ioSafe provides redundant protection and storage in case of primary hard drive failure.

Special Specification :

Fireproof to 1550°F, 30 minutes
Waterproof to 10 feet for 3 days - fresh water or salt water-
Airflow Cooling ensures hard drive reliability

Operating Environmental :

• Opearting: 0-40° C (104°F)
• Non-operating: 0-1550°F, 30 mins.
• Operating Humidity: 20% - 80%
Non condensing
• Non-operating Humidity: 100%,
full immersion, 10 feet for 72 hours

Physical Specs :

• Size: 5.0W X 7.1H X 11.0L
• Weight: 15 lbs.
• Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1.0 A
• Output I/O: USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)



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