Jun 18, 2009

Samsung S1External HD, Get Updated

Samsung S1 Series external hard drives now will be available in two new “pop” colors, Sweet Pink and Ocean Blue, join four previously available offerings: Piano Black, Snow White, Wine Red, and Chocolate Brown.

If the two new color addition, wasn't exciting enough to you, the company has also said that it

will be introducing a new 160 GB density for the 1.8 inch S1 Mini drive.

On a more techie note, Samsung’s external hard drives include Secret Zone which promises to protect important files and data in the form of software-based AES-128bit or AES-256bit encryptions, Safety Key which ensures the external drive’s data is securely locked with a password protection, an auto backup, a capacity gauge, and sleep mode.

Samsung S1 Series “Pop” edition is shipping now and will be available globally through retail channels by the end of June.

pocket-lint via ecomputerinfo


ioSafe Solo - External Hard Drive with Fireproof Waterproof Data Protection

Looking for a hard drive which brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford? Then why not to try ioSafe Solo external hard drive?. With capacities from 500GB to 1.5TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely protect all data stored therein. You can safely protect precious family photo albums, music libraries and days of video memories. For business, the ioSafe Solo is a great way to protect customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card

information. Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite. Like other ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo uses ioSafe patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fireproof insulation.

ioSafe Solo offers more value and the best data protection for the money. ioSafe USB storage device is ideal for personal, SOHO (small office home office) or remote and branch office data backup. ioSafe Solo Primarily used to assist your primary hard drive or storage server, the ioSafe provides redundant protection and storage in case of primary hard drive failure.

Special Specification :

Fireproof to 1550°F, 30 minutes
Waterproof to 10 feet for 3 days - fresh water or salt water-
Airflow Cooling ensures hard drive reliability

Operating Environmental :

• Opearting: 0-40° C (104°F)
• Non-operating: 0-1550°F, 30 mins.
• Operating Humidity: 20% - 80%
Non condensing
• Non-operating Humidity: 100%,
full immersion, 10 feet for 72 hours

Physical Specs :

• Size: 5.0W X 7.1H X 11.0L
• Weight: 15 lbs.
• Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1.0 A
• Output I/O: USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)



Jun 17, 2009

Kingston DataTraveler 200, The World’s first 128GB USB Flash Drive

Kingston Data Traveler 200, The World’s first 128GB USB Flash drive has been launched by Kingston. If you need to carry a lot of data, then Kingston DataTraveler 200 might be ideal for you.

Unfortunately The 128 GB Kingston Data Traveler 200 is only available by special order, and

it is going to set you back a massive $546. However, you still have the opportunity to have a Kingston Data Traveler 200 with 32 GB and 64 GB capacities. The 32GB can be had for $120 while the 64GB retails for $213. As an addition, the DT200 line comes with a five-year warranty and includes Password Traveler security software for Windows.

crunchgear via geeky-gadgets


Jun 11, 2009

Heart Shaped USB, Share Some Memories With Your Beloved One

Let us share some sweet memories in the form of photos, music, film, text, audio and more with the Sweet memories Heart Shaped USB memory stick.

Heart shaped USB memory stick allow you to send up to 40 Photos at 3megapixel or 30 minutes of MP3s or even a 3 minute video to your beloved one. A perfect personalized

gift for anybody with a computer, and something than can last forever.

Designed in UK, Heart Shaped USB memory stick sold at giftlab at the price of 10, 95 pounds. Although with only 64 MB space, but I think it’s more than enough to warm someone's heart.



Jun 5, 2009

USB Flash Drive (8GB) Lighter

Electronics and fire have never been friends and you could even say they are essentially sworn enemies. But in the case of this USB flash drive they have decided to call a truce. Long standing differences have been put aside to create a product that is both practical and very unique.

This flash drive has an ample 8GB capacity and the lighter is refillable. The USB connector slides out of the bottom of the metal case, using a small slider lever located on the side of the lighter.

The lighter has a polished chrome finish and an adjustable flame.

• Refillable lighter with built-in USB flash drive
• 8GB capacity
• USB connector slides out of the lighter
• Metal case
• Adjustable flame
• Includes USB cable
• Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.4" x .5" (3.8 x 6 x 1.3 cm)



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